Wray Valley Chicken Run

Wray Valley Chicken Run Update

Many of you will know that all UK chickens are in lockdown just like us humans but last week we were told that theirs will end on 31 March.  They are at risk of Avian Influenza from migratory birds.  So here is an update on how ours doing.   Our six rescued hens at Wray Valley are enduring it as best they can but that doesn’t mean they don’t try and escape.  At times it seems like a sequel to the Chicken Run movie.  Dora (the explorer) is the most persistent (a bit like Ginger) and usually takes at least one other with her.  Hopefully they will be allowed out shortly and our eggs will once again be truly free range.  In the meantime we are enriching their enclosure by giving them a compost heap to scratch through which they love and putting some corn in a plastic bottle. 

Chicken lockdown enrichment with plastic bottle
Chickens figuring out how to get at the corn

When Vera arrived in early September from the BHWT she was “feather bare” and felt very sorry for herself.  Now she is a very large, strong and healthy chicken.  What a transformation!  She is not usually part of the chicken run escape plan as that would take her too far from the corn and pellets! 

Vera the hen on arrival
Vera as she looked on arrival
Vera as she looks now - yes it is the same chicken!

When you come and stay with us, whether B&B or camping – remember to get your eggs from Dora, Flora, Nellie, Brenda, Cupcake and of course an extra large egg from Vera.

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