New Hot Shower at Wray Valley Camping

Do you like a hot shower when camping or do you prefer a dip in the river?

We’ve been busy during the 2021/22 off-season improving our facilities both on the campsite and in the B&B.  So new on the campsite for this season we’d like to show off our brand new shower block.  Those of you who need a little bit of luxury while camping can now have a hot shower here at Wray Valley Camping.  But the Tree-Bog compost toilet is still there for those that fell in love with it on previous visits.

Campsite Shower room, basin and toilet

Two Unisex Hot Showers

There are two spacious shower rooms with plenty of hot water from the thermostatically controlled showers.  Each shower room also has a flush toilet, wash basin with hot and cold water and a huge mirror.  We hope you will find that the rooms are large enough to make getting the children clean really straightforward. 

Separate Toilet

There is also a separate large toilet cubicle with a full size wash basin.  So you won’t have to wait for ages while someone takes a really long time in the shower.  

Campers' Kitchen

In the same building there is a small campers’ kitchen with washing up sink, kettle and microwave for a quick breakfast if you are travelling light.

Campers Kitchen


We’ve built the shower block next to the main house so we can take advantage of the solar water heating and solar power to keep the mains electricity and oil usage as low as possible.  If you can, please consider taking your shower in the late afternoon once the water in the tank has been heated up by the sun.  And lastly, please think of other campers when having your shower and don’t use all the hot water.  Next time it may be you it runs out on.   

The lights and extractor fans in the shower and toilet rooms are PIR operated and triggered by movement so jsut wave your arms around if they go off.  But for the same reason please shut the shower room doors on leaving or they will be triggered everytime someone comes in to do their washing up.     


We’ve included use of the shower and toilet block in the Family Pitch price and its available at a small extra cost per night for those on the single tent pitches.  This may seem odd to some readers but some of our lightweight campers prefer the nearly wild camping experience and don’t want to pay extra for facilities they won’t use.


Contact us for more information or go to the top of this post to check out our availability.

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