“Poldark” at Wray Valley?

Kevin is a man usually addicted to his power tools…..

…but at the beginning of August he decided to go on a scything course at Challacombe.  This was organised through Moor Meadows, a group with the aim of restoring wild flower meadows on Dartmoor.  At Wray Valley we are gradually restoring our hay meadow and are looking for a more wildlife friendly way of cutting down the hay, bracken and brambles than attacking it with the petrol strimmer and brushcutter.

He had a great time, even though it was extremely hot. He caught up with an old neighbour last seen a couple of decades ago and is now the proud owner of an Austrian Scythe.

His scything technique is a lot better than Poldark’s and is getting better with practice but shall we take a vote on shirt on or off?  

Tip: Turn the volume up. Its very relaxing to listen to the regular rhythm of the scythe cutting through the grass.   

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