Two More Rescued Hens

Two New Guests Take Up Residence

This lunchtime we picked up two more ex-battery hens from the British Hen Welfare Trust collection point at South Zeal.  These lucky hens are getting ready to start their new free range life in the relaxing surroundings.  

One laid an egg on the 20 minute ride home and the other as soon as we got her out of the box, but they have finished their existence as pure egg machines and can take it a bit easier now.  Although a few eggs would be nice.

They seem quite perky but the feathers of one are in a bad way.  We will keep them inside the run for now and gradually introduce them to the existing flock and the outside world. 

Battery hen condition Vera
Lucky ex battery hen starts new life
Lucky ex battery hen - Cupcake
Rescued ex battery hen takes in new surroundings

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