Vera’s View – the musings of an opinionated chicken

Vera, the opinionated chicken had a periodic blog ‘Vera’s View’ describing the goings on here at Wray Valley from her perspective. Unfortunately Vera is no longer with us but we’ve retained her blog for sentimental reasons. The views given were her own and did not represent those of the management! Read about her flock mates, what she thought of avian flu, campers, their dogs and all the nature conservation work going on here at the time.

  • Vera’s View – Flockdown Again
    Just as it was starting to quieten down here and the campers where thinning out we’ve been locked up. This is the 3rd time I’ve been into Flockdown (Temporary Avian Flu Protection Zone) and I don’t like it one jot. Hopefully it won’t be as long as last time.
  • Vera’s View – Busy Busy Busy
    Vera’s been so busy that she is late in writing her blog – find out what the vocal hen has been up to. Hear what she thinks of the new flock members, the campers (and their food), pizzas and lots of other happenings here at Wray Valley
  • Vera’s View – Freedom
    Vera’s View – Freedom The theme for this month’s post is “Freedom”.  After five months in flockdown Flora and me were finally set free at the end of April and are now free range again.  While I enjoyed watching the comings and goings at the B&B and campsite from within my run, I much prefer
  • Vera’s View – The holiday season has started
    Vera gives her view on the activities at Wray Valley Campling and Riverside B&B as the Spring holiday season gets underway and Avian Flu gets ever closer.
  • Introducing Vera’s View – Tales of daily life of a rescue chicken
    Introducing “Vera’s View” Tales of daily life from Vera the rescue chicken Who am I? Hi, my name is Vera and I spent the first 18 months of my life working flat out 24/7 laying eggs in a battery farm.  I’m really a very intelligent and inquisitive girl so that lifestyle did not suit me
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