Nearly Wild Camping on Dartmoor

Experience Nearly Wild Camping: Secluded Pitches in Dartmoor's Riverside Woodland

Our Nearly Wild Camping pitches offer a secluded, riverside woodland experience year-round, with the convenience of shower and toilet facilities. Ideal for those new to wild camping or seeking a more comfortable outdoor stay. Choose from small or large pitches, priced per person or per pitch, respectively, both including hot showers and toilets. Hammock and tarp camping areas are also available. Each pitch has a unique character, with dimensions provided for the largest rectangle that can be accommodated, but as the pitches are not rectangular they are typically quite a bit bigger than this. State your preferred pitch when booking, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Every pitch has its own unique character, so click on the pitch names below to see the descriptions.  Then when you book if you want a particular one, do please let us know and we’ll do our best to accomodate your request.  

Click here for the plan of the campsite

Open all Year

Our Nearly Wild Camping pitches are open all year round (except the one in the Hay Meadow) but in the winter months you need to be a member of the Nearly Wild Camping Club to use them.  The pitches are located in the woodland close to the river and generally offer more seclusion and separation from other campers than the Hay Meadow.  They are great for those that lack the confidence for true wild camping or just want the convenience of a drinking water tap and a sit-down loo.

If you are a member, or join, the Nearly Wild Camping Club we offer a discount of £2/person/night on all Nearly Wild pitches – just use Promo code NWC on your booking, and quote your NWC membership number in the Special requests box.

Which Type of Pitch is Right for You?

Small Pitch

The small pitches are best suited for two to three people in small lightweight tents.  They are priced per person and include the hot showers and toilets.  Please read the descriptions to confirm whether your tent(s) will fit in the space.

Large Pitch

The large pitches are priced per pitch based on 4 people and include the hot showers and toilets etc, extra people are charged per person.  You can have as many tents, shelters etc as you like on the pitch but these should be at least 3 metres apart for safety reasons.  If they are too close together we will ask you to pay for another pitch. 

Hammock Camping

We also have areas suitable for hammock and tarp camping.  These are mainly in the wood between the river and the Wray Valley Trailalthough a hammock can also be strung on Charcoal pitch.  Please note that the ground here has not been cleared and can be quite damp.  The area is not suitable for tents. 

Small Nearly Wild Camping Pitches

Approx Size: 5 x 4 m (limited by location of small trees but cleared space is larger than this).

Located right by the river and under the trees giving shade in the summer but this does prevent the grass from growing.  In the spring it is surrounded by bluebells and pink purslane.  This pitch is close to the footbridge to the Wray Valley Trail.

Also suitable for hammock and tarp camping.

Vango lightweight tent on illuminated from within at night on Charcoal pitch

Approx size: 5 x 5 m

This spot is closest to the car park and the compost toilet.   However it is accessed via a few granite steps so you won’t be able to use a barrow or trolley the whole way.   It is set back from the river and linked by a small path to Charcoal pitch.  It has dappled shade in the summer.

Approx size: 6 x 5 m

This is our most secluded pitch. Oak is located some 200 m from the car park and is not easily accessible the whole way with a trolley or barrow so please bear this in mind if choosing this pitch.  It is really in the woods under a large oak tree and close to the weir bathing spot. 

Some lucky campers have seen an otter and a kingfisher while staying on this pitch.

You are welcome to sling your hammock anywhere you can find two trees the right distance apart! The most popular spot is in the trees between the river and the Wray Valley Trail on the other side of a narrow bridge.

Charcoal pitch has also been used for hammock camping.

Large Nearly Wild Camping Pitches

Approx Size: 18 x 8 m 

A beautiful large pitch in a woodland glade beside the river.  It is accessible with a trolley and barrow and is the closest pitch to the showers and toilets. Despite the name the pitch itself stays dry all year round.

The pitch is conveniently close to the Wray Valley Trail.

Please note that it is larger than last year as we have cut back the bramble patch that was taking over on the right.

A visit from one or two of our hens is almost guaranteed.

Approx size: 10 x 7 m

A compromise between the Nearly Wild and the Hay Meadow styles of camping, this pitch is located in the far corner of the Hay Meadow.  So, unlike the other Nearly Wild pitches it is only available during the summer months.  It is at the bottom of the slope right by the river and next to a bathing spot and separated from the other pitches in the Hay Meadow by a (newly planted) hedge.

Approx size: 6 x 5 m

Our most secluded large pitch. Cathedral is set in a woodland clearing surrounded by tall trees. It provides welcome shade on hot sunny days and is right by the weir bathing spot. However, it becomes waterlogged after heavy rains and takes a long time to dry out so it is only available in the height of summer. If you specifically request this pitch but it is unavailable due to bad weather we will do out best to place you on one of the other Nearly Wild pitches if available, otherwise you will be guaranteed a pitch in the Hay Meadow.

Cathedral Ptich - family nearly wild camping in the woods
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