Enjoy an Experience at Wray Valley: Navigation Adventures and Outdoor Cookery Delights

Welcome to Wray Valley, where we offer a range of exclusive experiences designed to immerse you in the beauty of Dartmoor while teaching you valuable outdoor skills. In this article, we’ll explore our tailored navigation courses and outdoor cookery workshops, which promise to create lasting memories and equip you with practical knowledge for your future adventures.

Navigation Courses: Explore Dartmoor with Confidence

At Wray Valley, we offer three different navigation courses tailored to various skill levels, ensuring an engaging and enriching experience for everyone:

Kevin posing on the top of a tor on Dartmoor

Outdoor Cookery Workshops: Become a Campfire Culinary Expert and Perfect Your Woodfired Pizza Craft

Our outdoor cookery workshops offer a unique opportunity to learn new culinary skills while enjoying the beauty of Wray Valley:

Available from 25 May 2024 – bookable now.

Michelle tossing pizza dough


At Wray Valley, our exclusive experiences are designed to equip you with valuable life skills while fostering a deeper connection with the stunning Dartmoor landscape. Whether you’re looking to enhance your navigation abilities, master campfire cookery, or create delectable woodfired pizzas, our tailored experiences promise an unforgettable adventure for individuals, groups, and families alike. Book your Wray Valley experience today and get ready to embrace the wonders of Dartmoor like never before.

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